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Welcome to Ghana Chamber’s business portal — your gateway to one of the world’s most exciting and fastest growing commercial centres.

Who We Are
The Ghana Chamber of Commerce attracts, supports, and grows business through advocacy, economic development and business development. The Chamber provides leadership on issues important to business and takes collective action to advance sustainable economic growth.
We have committed ourselves to promoting and extending Ghana’s trade, commerce and education globally. Ghana’s growth from a colony to a model of multi-sector economic growth and opportunity on the African continent has been inspiring and exciting! The Chambers has been involved with bridging “win-win” opportunities between stakeholders from the US, the international community and Ghana. An emerging center of excellence for technology innovation, a favorable investment climate and a stable political environment make Ghana one of the most attractive places for the international business community to establish operations. We are here to assist in making Ghana your next investment destination. We protect the interests of stakeholders and work to improve the business landscape through various task force activities and policy briefs. We connect by communicating a myriad of events, lobbying efforts, policy decisions, trade and investment fairs and conferences, awards, and the business advantages we offer.

Our Mission

“Represent, support and protect the interests of the business community in Ghana.”

Goals & Objectives
Ghana is at a propitious moment in its history and we see a confluence of factors and positive trends (including: good governance/transparency, political stability) that we feel will transform the nation into a strong middle income country in a few years. With its impressive GDP of 7.6%, Ghana is well positioned to be a co-catalyst for economic development in the west-African sub-region alongside its neighbor Nigeria.
Building on the idea of investment, as espoused by Ghana’s founding patriarch Dr. Nkrumah, who during an address to the national assembly once said, “we welcome foreign investment provided that there are no strings attached to it, and also provided that it fits in with our plans for national development”. In this context, our principle goal is to create an enduring institutional platform that brings together authentic parties, who have keen interests in mutually beneficial investment partnerships.
1 . Cultivate “several” billion dollars in international and US investment over the next several years.
2 . Cultivate greater consciousness in North America and Europe about Ghana as an investment destination .
3 . Harness and steer the economic capacity (now nearly $US 1 Trillion) of the African Diaspora community towards Ghana and the sub-region Promote healthier, quality import/export between Ghana, US and Europe.
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